Cinematography - 3384

Film/Video Section Resource Page

Images - student productions, test footage and behind the scenes
from 2004 - 2018

Resource Pages

Cinematography - 3384 Syllabus and Topics
Outside Viewing Reports 3384
UTA F/V Area Rules

Lighting as Texture - Painting with Light
Cine and Art - Craft of Observation
Production and Set Etiquette - All Crew
Production and Set Responsibilities
IMDB Glossary - Film Terms

Screen Shots 01
Screen Shots 02

Top 15 Mistakes Beginner Filmmakers Make
Production Blog - click here

The Essential Reference Guide for Filmmakers - Kodak
Chapter 01 - Introduction
Chapter 03 - Nature of Light
Chapter 04 - Film Structure
Chapter 05 - Film Types and Formats
Chapter 06 - Characteristics of Film
Chapter 07 - Camera and Lenses
Chapter 08 - Planning Your Workflow
Chapter 09 - Filmmaking Resources
Chapter 10 - Film Crews
Chapter 11 - Film Specifications
Chapter 12 - Storage and Handling
Chapter 13 - Exposure
Chapter 14 - Exposure Tools
Chapter 15 - Filters
Chapter 16 - Lighting
Chapter 17 - Processing
Chapter 18 - KeyKode
Chapter 19 - Optical Workflow
Chapter 20 - Digital Workflow
Chapter 21 - Checklist
Chapter 22 - Glossary

Misconceptions in Lighting
Script for A Meets B at table
Script for A Meets B with box
Camera Assistant Manual

Pre-Production Notes, Check List and Scheduling - Production Management
Canon ZR20 Instruction Manual
UTA Intro Film/Video Reservation
How to Feed the Crew
So you wanna work in movies?
10 Tips for Directing a Low Budget Music Video Shoot
How to Succeed in Any Business


Gordon Willis, ASC * Wally Pfister, ASC
Conrad Hall, ASC * William A Fraker, ASC
Allen Daviau, ASC * Richard Crudo, ASC

Ron Dexter * Scott Wilson * Roberto Blasini
Peter Gray * John Rotan * Brown Cooper
Michael Brennan (HD) * Bill Schwarz

Sample Production Budget Forms

Short Form (15 pages)
Feature Sample (83 pages) * Super Sample (112 pages)
Dreamworks (15) * Fox (19) * Touchstone (60)

Example Production Forms

Example - Breakdown Sheet
Example - Call Sheet Cast
Example - Call Sheet Crew
Example - Crew Call and Wrap Sheet
Example - Emergency Medical Information for Cast and Crew
Example - Location Breakdown
Example - Location Spec
Example - Personal Release
Example - Production Location Contract
Example - Production Location Release
Example - Wording for Multiple Signs
Notes - How to Feed the Crew
Notes - Pre-Production
Day Rates 2010 US S and SE
Sales Tax Exemption

Instruction Manuals - Cameras

Arriflex 435 Manual
Arriflex 435 Manual Advance
Arriflex 435 Quick Guide
Arriflex 435 Zip file of all the above
Eclair NPR 16mm Camera Manual
DVX100a Manual
JVC GY-HD100U Manual
RED One Camera Operation Guide
Panasonic AG-AF100P Operations Instructions - HD video 4/3"
Sony PMF-F3 HD video full size

Instruction Manuals - Meters

Sekonic L-398M Studio Deluxe II

Quick Guides - Meters

Sekonic L-558 Dual Master
Sekonic L-608 Super Zoom Master
Sekonic L-508 Zoom Master
Sekonic L-508 Cine Zoom Master
Sekonic L-718 Digi Master
Sekonic L-408 MultiMaster
Sekonic L-358 Flash Master
Sekonic L-308B II Flashmate

Special Interest

2018 Major Camera Comparison Chart
Determining Exposure Index of a Video Camera
Exposure Meters - Jim Branch
Exposure Meters and The Cinematographer

Above and Below the Line
CU Student Guide 2003 - Short Version
What is DV? * NTSC Basics
Screen Ratios for Crop Mask
Shooting Ratio Film Cost
Table of Footcandles

Exposure exercise and examples.

Lighting exercise and examples.

Quick Selfie Interview Lighting.

Hall lighting workshop.

Splitscreen - Twins

Some behind-the-scenes stills. All productions were shot on 16mm or 35mm film.